Jade, Green (Astrological Birthstone: Virgo): Jade’s green color is an important factor in determining its price. The emerald  green color is the most valuable, but the color range can vary from green to cream, orange, blue, lavender, red and also white. It's healing properties are  thought to protect the thyroid, thymus, larynx, spleen, kidneys, liver and heart as well as some ancient peoples believing that wearing jade would  increase body strength and add longevity. Jade is an ancient symbol of love and virtue. It can help the supra-adrenal glands, remove toxins, rebind  cellular and skeletal systems including the hips, and help to heal stitches. It can also be useful for fertility and childbirth, for balancing body fluids and  water-salt/acid-alkaline ratios. It is good for calming the nervous system, harmonizing dysfunctional relationships and channeling passion in constructive ways. 

 Jasper (Astrological Birthstone: Virgo): Jasper was a favorite gem in ancient times – it’s mentioned in the Bible, and in Greek, Hebrew, Assyrian and  Latin literature. Jasper is believed to be able to align all the chakras and balance yin yang energies (mental, physical, emotional) acting as a stabilizer and  healer. It’s known as the ‘supreme nurturer’ – a strong securing and stability stone. It sustains and supports during stressful times and brings tranquility  and wholeness. It grounds energies and the body, and absorbs negative energy thus clearing electromagnetic and environmental pollution including r  radiation. It supports during prolonged illness or hospitalization and re-energizes the body. It can bring courage and support during necessary conflict  whilst promoting honesty with yourself. Jasper supports the circulatory, digestive and sexual organs; it balances mineral content in the body.

 Labradorite (Astrological Birthstone: Sagittarius, Capricorn): This Labradorite family also includes the moonstone and sun-stone. The mineral  property gets its name from this mineral and refers to the luminous blue, green, gold and red sheen given off when turned under light. Labradorite  offers protection and clarity, deflecting unwanted energies and preventing energy leakage. Its healing properties are said to create a barrier to negative  energies shed during therapy and to banishing fears and insecurities. It can aid issues related to eyesight, stress and mental agitation, help the  metabolism, it can facilitate sleep, ease communication when relating to others, and help identify a person’s strengths. Relief is often experienced from  colds, gout, rheumatism, hormone imbalance, menstrual tension and in lowering blood pressure.

 Lapis Lazuli (Birthstone: December) (Astrological Birthstone: Libra): Lapis Lazuli is an opaque to translucent blue gemstone composed mainly of l  lazurite, calcite, pyrite and sodalite. The rich blue color is due to the sulfur inherent within the structure of lazurite. It's healing properties are said to  strengthen total awareness, creativity and ESP, cleanse the mental body whilst releasing old karmic patterns, to alleviate pain (especially migraines),  benefit the respiratory and nervous systems including the throat, larynx and thyroid, cleanse organs, bone marrow, the thymus and the immune system.  It can help with hearing loss, alleviate insomnia and vertigo and lower blood pressure. It is a protective stone that blocks psychic attack, releases stress,  and can bring deep peace and serenity.

 Malachite: Malachite’s appearance is of concentric light and dark green bands and rosettes. Malachite is an extremely powerful stone. It grounds and  protects, promoting inner peace and hope. It is believed to absorb negative energies and pollutants including soaking up plutonium and  electromagnetism. It can assist in helping you receive insights and for activating visualization and psychic vision. It breaks unwanted ties and outworn  patterns and is believed to alleviate mental disturbances. Malachite resonates with the female sexual organs and is useful for cramps, period pains and  during childbirth. Also, it can lower blood pressure, benefit asthma, arthritis, epilepsy, swollen joints and fractures, tumors, the pancreas, spleen and  parathyroid. This multipurpose powerful stone can also stimulate the liver to release toxins.

 Moonstone, Rainbow (Birthstone: June) (Astrological Birthstone: Cancer) In India, Moonstone is considered to be a sacred stone because of its  floating light effect and sheen called adularescence, similar to the light of the moon. It is usually set as a cabochon and rarely faceted. Moonstone is a  stone of ‘new beginnings’ and is strongly connected to the moon. It’s healing properties are believed to help with digestive & reproductive system issues  including eliminating toxins and fluid retention, to alleviate degenerative conditions of skin, hair, eyes, liver and the pancreas, to aid during PMS,  conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding. It is said to enhance psychic abilities, to promote intuition and empathy and to soothe stress. It is  effective for calming the emotions and can balance male-female energies. 

 Obsidian: Obsidian is a silica rich volcanic rock with its main component being natural glass. Obsidian is a fast worker and is believed to have great    power – it is merciless in exposing flaws, weaknesses and blockages…nothing is hidden from Obsidian. It's key healing areas are believed to be for the  stomach and intestines and it can provide insight into disease. It can provide deep soul healing and is helpful for highly sensitive people. Obsidian  detoxifies the body and can benefit hardened arteries, whilst reducing painful arthritis, cramps and injuries, and even shrink enlarged prostrate  glands.Obsidian helps to protect the very sensitive against depression. It is the stone of the soft hearted and gentle people of the world. Use obsidian to  help block negativity of any kind. As a black gemstone, it symbolizes self control and resilience.

 Opal (Astrological Birthstone: Libra) Opal can be 50-60 million years old, dating back to when dinosaurs roamed. It forms as silica from decomposing  rocks mixed with ground water which formed a silica gel that collected and hardened in underground cavities. This light diffusion shows iridescent  flashes of green, blue, aqua and sometimes yellowish or red colors that are referred to a ‘fire’. Opal’s properties include aiding inner beauty and the ‘will  to live’, eyesight, and can help to recall past lives. It has a fine vibration and can intensify emotional states and release inhibitions whilst teaching you  how to take responsibility for how you feel. It can be beneficial to treat infections and fevers and to strengthen memory, to purify the blood and kidneys,  to regulate insulin and ease childbirth and PMS. Opal encourages loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity. 

Pearl (Birthstone: June) (Astrological Birthstone: Gemini; Cancer) Pearls are classed as Organic Gems. Pearls vary in color from cream, pink, silver-grey, blue, yellow, lavender green and occasionally black. A pearl is formed when an irritant such as a tiny stone or bit of sand gets inside the oyster's shell. A lustrous substance, called nacre, is secreted around the object to protect the soft internal surface of the mollusk. Over 7-8 years of treatment, the layers increase which creates the characteristic iridescent luster when exposed to light. There are many types of pearls. Pearls are believed to offer the power of love, luck, protection and money as well as offering wisdom through experience, to quicken the laws of karma, to keep children safe, to cement engagements and love relationships, and to offer emotional support.

 Peridot (Birthstone: August) (Astrological Birthstone: Libra) Peridot is a volcanic gemstone and is a yellow-green variety of olivine. It is composed of  silica, magnesia and iron. The gemstone is formed of olivine, a silicate found in igneous rocks and a major constituent of the Earth's upper mantle. Small  crystallites of Peridot are often found in the basalt rocks created by volcanoes but have also been found in iron and nickel meteorites called pallasites.  Peridot is a ‘protector’ stone and its healing properties are said to heal and regenerate tissues, to strengthen the metabolism, to benefit the skin and  eyes. It aids the heart, thymus, lungs, gallbladder, spleen, intestinal tract and ulcers, it is a powerful cleanser, releasing and neutralizing toxins on all l  levels. It can calm anger, jealousy, resentment and spite, soothe nerves and relieve stress, dispel negative emotions and promote self-forgiveness. 

 Quartz: Clear Quartz comes in many varieties and colors including pink, lemon, rutilated, tourminaliated, smokey, blue and clear. Clear Quartz is the  most powerful healing and energy amplifier on the planet because of its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It can be used to aid any condition, and it’s  a powerful dis-speller of negativity in your own energy field and environs. Quartz will raise spiritual energy to the highest possible level yet it’s an energy  saver too – attach it to a fuel line and fuel consumption reduces! It stimulates the immune system, re-balances the body, receives, activates, contains,  amplifies and transmits energy, soothes burns, helps with meditation and connections with the higher self, and harmonizes all the charkas. Quartz can  double your bio-magnetic field, protects against radiation, dispels static electricity and generates electromagnetism. 

 Quartz, Rose (Astrological Birthstone: Taurus) Rose Quartz is part of the Quartz family. Its pink color varies in intensity and is usually translucent,  sometimes transparent, and for jewellery purposes is frequently tumbled and faceted. The healing properties of Rose Quartz can aid calming in a trauma  or crisis, dissipate negative energy and stored anger, resentment, guilt, fear, jealousy, broken hearts and grief, strengthen the physical heart and  circulatory systems whilst releasing impurities from body fluids. It can heal issues with kidneys, adrenals, chest and lungs, and can allow acceptance of  necessary change. It’s useful during mid-life crisis and is an effective healer of emotions whilst encouraging self-forgiveness and acceptance. It can help  purify the heart and promote deep inner healing as well as bringing self-love and romantic love to you. 

 Quartz, Rutilated (Astrological Birthstone: Virgo) Rutilated Quartz is part of the Quartz family. It often forms needle-like crystal inclusions inside  quartz. This form of quartz is known as Rutilated Quartz and it looks like small bars of imbeded gold. Rutilated Quartz is said to intensify the  metaphysical properties of its host crystal and to enhance a person’s understanding of difficult situations, whilst improving creativity, relieving  depression and loneliness. It can slow the aging process. It is a strong healer bringing forth each person's strengths, it encourages originality, and it’s  often described as an illuminator for the soul and spiritual growth. It has a vitality that can aid chronic conditions, is effective for exhaustion and  energy  depletion, helps respiratory tract and bronchitis issues, stimulates and balances the thyroid as well as helping to regenerate cells and repair torn tissues.

 Smokey Quartz: Smokey Quartz is part of the Quartz family. Smokey Quartz has a sophisticated brownish to blackish hue, sometimes with yellow tinges.  It appears translucent and for jewelery purposes it is usually faceted or tumbled. Smokey Quartz is believed to have effective healing properties against  geopathic stress and for absorbing electromagnetic smog, assisting elimination and detoxification on all levels. It can neutralize fear, lift depression (  (including suicidal tendencies) and encourage emotional calmness and positive, pragmatic thoughts. It can help ailments of the abdomen, hips and legs,  can relieve pain (including headaches), boost the reproductive system, dissolve cramps and aid take-up of minerals whilst regulating liquids within the  body. It is highly effective as a grounding/anchoring stone whilst raising vibrations during meditation, and offers a powerful antidote to stress.