Necklace Single Drop Natural Green Rutilated Drop with AAA Quality 14k Gold Filled Clasp and Seahorse Charm 16 "

$42.00 $39.95

This is one of my most popular necklaces. I create this necklace so it lay in the center and stay in the center. The stones are so nice that it is hard to show in a photo.
Great for Layering. Stones will Vary

 You can keep your necklace on even when showering and sleeping. You do not have to take it off. 

Necklace single drop natural Green Rutilated Drop with AAA Quality. Center Crystal drop will not slide on a silk cord and 14k  Gold Filled Clasp and Starfish Charm 16 "

 Drop is 9  x 9 mm

Natural Green Rutilated helps in restoring balance in your body. And if you are constantly battling fatigue and lethargy, its powerful energies help heal you. It also helps in balancing your blood pressure and even curing your blood disorders.
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