OMG! Beautiful Hand Knotted Facet Dusty Rose Silverite Sapphire Creamy Metallic Luster Beads and Magnetic Gold Filled Clasp

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Very Delicate and Dainty but Extremely Classy! The color is warm and matches almost everything in your closet. 
Every tiny bead has been hand-knotted on silk. Very time consuming but oh so Gorgeous. With an Easy Magnetic Gold Filled Clasp.
16 Inches

Silverite Sapphire has a silver dusty rose coating on their Off White Sapphire body providing for the well-known mystic sparkle. These Mystic Dusty Rose Sapphire faceted round beads have opaque transparency with Dusty Rose showing a creamy metallic luster, a consistent appearance & quality throughout the strand, and are well made round beads and symmetrical shapes.

Silverite. Sometimes called mystic sapphire or mystic Silverite. This stone is typically a sapphire with a coating to give it a shiny sheen. It has the properties of sapphire. In general, sapphires facilitate peace and balance within the physical, mental, and spiritual energies of the body.

Note: (Healing crystal meaning is spiritual support and is not prescriptions or health car information).
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